Dr. Lina Triana

María Teresa Robles

Good morning, I was always afraid of surgeries for so many cases, my husband and I found out on the internet, we saw clinics, it caught our attention an interview on Dr Lina Triana's youtube channel and we liked how she talked about surgeries, the procedures and gave us a lot of confidence, however before coming we visited another clinic which did not convince us much and we were inclined to make the appointment with Dr. Lina, who was very nice to talk, explain. It gave me a lot of confidence and we made the decision to have surgery here. The day of the surgery everything went very well, thank God, the care so far has been excellent by all the staff, the nurses, the reception and especially the Doctor.
I am very happy with the result because I am very happy with the result because my breasts were tuberous and sagging now they are of a good size and with enhancement. Thank you all for your excellent service.