Dr. Lina Triana

My first contact with the doctor was through my son’s wife who recommended her to me for a treatment in the abdomen because I felt uncomfortable as I was and after the treatment I feel very well, the treatment I received from the staff is excellent as also the work done by Paola Andrea Mosquera. […]

Hernán Bejarano
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I have felt well cared by all the professionals in the clinic, my percentage of satisfaction with the procedure (its result) is 105%. I recommend the services of the surgeon Lina Triana.

Jairo Andrés Delgado
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I always felt trusted by Dr. Lina, she made me feel calm, everything went very well, I am grateful and to the entire work team, thanks to Daniela for her dedication with me, making me feel at home. I found out about Dr. Lina because she has operated on two relatives, they did very well […]

Samuel Luengas
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Body contouring surgeries are Aesthetic and Reconstructive procedures that help giving shape and harmony to those parts that need it.

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) for men

Genetics, or weight changes over time make abdominal muscles lose their tone with subsequent skin elongation, leaving stretch marks, and fat deposits in the abdominal region. Abdominoplasty for men, also called lipectomy and Tummy Tuck, is a surgery that involves tying the abdominal region muscles and removing excess skin to regain a toned abdomen Abdominoplasty […]

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Body Definition (Define your abs) for men

For Body Definition Surgery for men I use complementary technology such a laser. This surgery’s purpose is to define abs or abdomen area. The ideal patient for Abs Definition Surgery is someone without much overweight but rather someone seeking definition. My responsibility is to help you keep up your body’s definition after surgery, which is […]

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Buttock Augmentation (Gluteoplasty for men)

Gluteoplasty for men or buttock augmentation is a procedure that enhances or increases the size of buttocks. It is also known as Gluteoplasty and Gluteal Lipoinjection. The Buttocks Augmentation (Gluteoplasty for men) through silicone implants achieves a harmonious and natural result; it is performed through an incision in the intergluteal fold locating the prosthesis between […]

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Brazilian Butt Lift (Lipoinjection) for men

A Brazilian Butt Lift (Lipoinjection)for men or Fat Transfer to the buttocks is performed by removing fat from another area of the body by liposuction then be purified by a special technique that allows re-inject it in order to achieve a projection buttocks and definition.

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Male Breast Reduction

When breast in a man enlarge it is called a gynecomastia. This generally secondary to overweight, hormone therapy many times given in the pyms, adolescence or older age (andorpause). Male breast reduction consists in extracting the excess amount of fat and/or breast tissie ans skin. Gynecomastia is done on men who want to tone their […]

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Laser Liposculpture for men

Laser-Lipo or Liposculpture is a surgery carried out with advanced laser technology, to remove excess fat or fat deposits for figure sculpting. Laser liposculpture or laser lipolysis facilitates fat removal in order to achieve suitable lipomodelling with fewer traumas, resulting in less bleeding, swelling, bruising, and pain while promoting fast recovery. Dr. Triana’s words: “Our […]

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J Plasma for men

With time and after hormonal changes collagen and elastin in-charge of maintaining skin firmness tend to decrease their production making skin look loose and flaccid. J plasma for men is an advanced technology that achieves 65% of skin tightening in treated areas, such as abdomen, back, arms, legs, face and neck. This new technology uses […]

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Fat Reduction

If we have some extra pounds but don’t wish to turn to plastic surgery, there are other options that can help us reduce measurements as well. The purpose of fat reduction is to get weight reduction by lowering fat deposits, working with methods that to rise calorie burning such as: Reductive massage, lymphatic drainage, thermotherapy, […]

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Non Surgical

Relaxation Massage for men

Nowadays we live in a world where work, economy and social life push us to high levels of stress. With this in mind, Dr. Lina Triana’s Organization offers relaxing massages to provide an overall sensation of well-being, to free you from daily life tension and help you feel renewed. The relaxation massage works on your […]

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Detox Therapy for men

Committed to my patients’ overall wellbeing, I provide comprehensive treatments, and Serum therapy is one of them. Every day we are exposed to countless toxic substances: Pollution, sugar, food coloring, preservatives, artificial flavors, nicotine, alcohol, electromagnetic fields, and radiation, among others. Everyone needs to detoxify, and such therapy helps releasing the body’s detoxifying systems: lymphatic, […]

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Coolshaping (Lipo without surgery) for men

This treatment reduces fat deposits without surgery, anesthesia or any down time. CoolShaping technology reduces fat cells using cryolipolysis, exposing fat cells to low temperatures (freezing), causing apoptosis or cell death, to further elimination through the body’s metabolic process. Different to other treatments for eliminating fat deposits, CoolShaping is a non- invasive method that requires […]

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Plastic surgery in Colombia is an ongoing conversation topic. The media knows Dr. Triana as an expert in plastic, aesthetic, and reconstructive surgery.

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