Dr. Lina Triana

Sueroterapia (Detox)

If you have loose skin and located fat in some areas of your body, you can tone up and reshape your body without surgery. The goal of this procedure is to reduce localized fat while toning areas through different methods such as: Soft reducing massage to avoid further sagging, radiofrequency to stimulate tissue and help skin strengthen, reduce fat deposits and reshape the body. Depending on the patient other minimum invasive treatments may be used.

The effectiveness of this treatment depends on the patient: The amount of fat, the type of sagging and the individual reaction to the procedure. Each body responds differently.
Although we recommended 20 sessions, this is defined according to the need of each patient. For better results you must wear a girdle and combine treatment with a healthy diet and exercise.

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Making the decision to travel overseas for a cosmetic procedure is not easy, but there are plenty good reasons for you to choose Dr. Lina Triana and her team, who will make you feel at home.

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