Dr. Lina Triana

I work evaluating the scientific production of my colleagues, plastic surgeons, as editor and reviewer of articles, I have published chapters and books of aesthetic plastic surgery as well as articles for scientific journals of plastic surgery. I also recently published a book for my patients and the general public called Vagina Reborn, you can find it on Amazon.com

Member of the CER research group, Colciencias (CvLac)

International editor of the scientific journal AestheticSurgery Journal – ASJ (ASAPS)

Genital Section Editor, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery – APS (ISAPS)

Publication of book chapters, books and multiple articles in scientific journals of national and international cosmetic plastic surgery.

Magazines, book chapters and published works: 


Refreshing Labioplasty Techniques for Plastic Surgeons

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery: Volume 36, Issue 5 (2012), Page 1078 – 1086


Commentary Anatomy and Aesthetics of the Labia Minora

The Ideal Vulva? Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal, 2017


Liposuction: 25 years experience in 26.259 patients using different devices

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal. Volume 29, Issues 68. November / December 2009. Pages 509 – 512


Two fasciocutaneos flaps for defect reconstruction in distal third of the leg and foot in children

Colombian Plastic and Reconstructive Scientific journal, Volume 11, number 1. Julio 2005. Pages 44 – 46


Liposuction: Experience Using Different Techniques

Plastic Surgery Pulse News 3(3), 2011


Today’s Woman, Lina Triana, Venus Knife

First Edition, September del 2014. Pages 92-96


Laser resurfacing for latin skins: the experience with 655 cases

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2015: Volume 39, Issue 4 (2015), Page 582-588


Aesthetic Surgery of Female External Genitalia

Aesthetic Surgery Journal 2015 35 (2): 165-177, doi: 10.1093/ASJ/sju020


Buttocks Augmentation

Oxford text book of Plastic Surgery


Augmentation of the labia Majora with Fat Grafting

Part II, Chapter 8, Female Genital Surgery: Concepts, Classification, and Techniques


Prevención y Manejo de Complicaciones en Abdominoplastia

Capítulo 10, Abdominoplastia, Springer.


Medical Tourism in Plastic Surgery

Catastrophes in Plastic Surgery, 2015, Pages 81-96


Female Genital Surgery, Coiffman Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Surgery of external genital organs, 2015: Volume VI


Member Advisory Committee

Colombian Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery scientific journal


International Editor

Aesthetic Surgery Journal (ASJ) scientific journal, American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS)


Section Editor

Vaginal, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (APS) scientific journal, International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) official journal


Assessment of Female Genital Surgery Education in Plastic Surgery Training: Report of an Expert Opinion Survey

Journal Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2019 – 1-9 – Volume 43


Thorax masculinization in a transsexual patient: Inferior pedicle mastectomy without an inverted T scar

Artículo Thorax masculinization in a transsexual patient: Inferior pedicle mastectomy without an inverted T scar


Oxford Textbook of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Gluteal Augmentation     Chapter 12.19


Vaginal Rejuvenation and Perineoplasty: Surgical Alteration and Minimally Invasive Procedures:

Part 2— Vaginal Tightening: Surgical and Nonsurgical Options