Dr. Lina Triana

Dr. Lina Triana, a plastic surgeon with experience in capillary micro grafting, chooses for the patient the procedure that gives the best result, taking into account the conditions of each patient in particular – the pre-operative consultation is extensive and with relevant information and space to clarify doubts – the support with the internal medicina […]

Arley Cordoba
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My experience was very good professional Dr. Lina made me feel very comfortable and was able to guide me to perceide with my decision of my hair transpland George is also amazing answered all the questions in a very professional manners thank you to Dr. Lina and her staff.

Ioannis Monachos
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My experience with Dr. Lina was excellent. I feel very satisfied with the results. She is a great professional and the care of the office and organization is very good. The day I want to have another procedure, I would certainly choose her again. 

María Alejandra Valencia
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My experience with the procedure was a success, they have a team of professionals who were always attentive.

Julian Quintero
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Hair loss especially in men, is one of the biggest concerns as we get old, so I can offerr you surgical and non-surgical alternatives that improve this aspect.


Hair Transplant (Micrografting) for men

Hair loss and baldness are an unexpected and unwanted part of life. Still, technological advances reached a solution through hair transplant or implant which is suitable for men and women. Hair transplant surgery (Micrografting)  replaces lost hair with patient’s own hair, from the back and lateral parts of the head, known as donating area. Follicles […]

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Non Surgical

Rich Platelet Plasma for men

This procedure is perfect for men and women seeking to increase hair density without surgery. It consists in stimulating hair regeneration through bio-stimulation, via intradermal application of a compound derived from platelet rich plasma from the very patient, with specific substances added to act against cell oxidation. I recommend you to do 3 sessions with […]

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Plastic surgery in Colombia is an ongoing conversation topic. The media knows Dr. Triana as an expert in plastic, aesthetic, and reconstructive surgery. Click images bellow, for interviews, papers and media coverage on Dr. Lina Triana.