Dr. Lina Triana

Lorena Chavez

I am the mother of twins and after the pregnancy my abdomen was very affected, I visited several surgeons and finally I chose Dr. Triana, from my first appointment I felt a great empathy with her, I liked her sincerity and something very important is that she responded to my needs, did not look for my imperfections to fill me with surgeries, after this appointment I decided to have a tummy tuck, breast augmentation and back liposuction. The pre-surgical protocol was very strict and that gave me great peace of mind, the day of surgery I felt very calm and well cared for, I spent a night in the clinic with excellent care. The days following my surgery went very well, my recovery was very fast, the post-operative massages were performed by highly trained personnel, who know what they are doing and perform them with care, understanding that we are in a stage of great sensitivity to pain. To date, two months after my surgery I can see the results, I am very happy and much more confident.