Dr. Lina Triana

We are the reflection of what we eat

Our body is made of million of cells that for survival absorb nutrientes, and also toxins, when we eat. In today’s life, time is a privilege, and since we are always running there is no time to cook our own food making us unhealthy fast food.

If you love hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, donuts and other processed foods you need to know they are full of toxins that affect your body from inside and outside. Also cellulite and extra weight, consequences of eating unhealthy foods, produce body liquid retention and fat accumulation making it more difficult for our body to get rid of toxins.

Today we see ideal bodies in celebrities that sell us the gold standard of being fit and healthy advising different diets and training exercises, but loose skin and celulitis are not that easy to get rid of.This is why sometime we need more than just a health diet and routine workouts and here is where non surgical procedures using different devices can also help us achieve this ideal body. Since each patient is unique this is why each individual case must be analyzed so the treatment plan is right for you.

Cellulite reduction: After analyzing what type of changes are present in the skin conclusions on what type of ideal treament plan will be followed. If cellulite is due to liquid retention, massages, lymphatic drainage and carbon dioxide application therapy will be the right choice for this patient. In those others that there is also presence of loose skin radiofrequency devices must also be added.

Reduction of Measurements: When there is fat accumulation a mix of several treatments are done according to previous analysis and chosen treatment plan. In those with excess fat, thermotherapy is a good start followed by cavitation therapy in those areas with fat accumulation. Also important to add massages and lymphatic drainage and in several cases carbon dioxide therapy.

Treatment for Loose Skin: When the main reason for treatment is loose skin radiofrequency devices are a very good choice. Of course these must be joined with other non surgical technologies such massages, lymphatic drainage, cavitation and carbon dioxide therapy.

Dr. Lina Triana recommends to her patients a combination of treatments for better final results and that is why although many times the same technology can be used every treatment plan is unique, meaning the time, frequency and order of each technology must be different and unique for every patient. Her office is located in Cali, Colombia where she offered surgical and nono surgical procedures always thinking her over all patients well being.

For more information visit her web page www.drlinatriana.com o or ask for an appointment at 1 305 454 5638.