Dr. Lina Triana


Today there are not only options to enhance our face and body, we can also work on our genital and vaginal areas.

Vaginal Rejuvenation procedures include enhancing our genitalia, decreasing urinary stress symptoms and increasing sexual gratification during sexual intercourse.

According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery – ISAPS, Labiaplasties increased 45% on the global statistics and when summed up with the vagina tightening surgery procedures they increased altogether 56% being the most increased procedures of all aesthetic plastic surgeries worldwide. It is a matter of time that Vaginal Rejuvenation together with liposuction and breast augmentation will stand in the top 3 of the most frequently plastic surgeries procedures done worldwide. 

Although the increase has been significant in the number of Vaginal Rejuvenation procedures many woman still do not know they can be an important alternative for them. Today we count with surgical and non surgical options for Vaginal Rejuvenation procedures.

Surgical options are:

-Surgical Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation: Restores muscle tone, force and vaginal control improving vaginal contraction during sexual intercourse. It is ideal for those woman that after child birth, pregnancies or due to genetics end up with over stretched and wide vaginal walls.

-Laser Vaginal Design: Pregnancies, genetics or the natural aging process combined with planet earth gravity force make them become longer, looser or even deflated and wrinkled making it uncomfortable and even promoting bad odor down there. A Vaginal Design is a combination of procedures to enhance and give harmony to the genital area.

-Laser Labiaplasty: Takes away excess on labia minora improving overall appearance and uncomfortable rubbing and / or pinching with clothing or exercise.

-Hoodplasty: It is the procedure done to take away excess skin surrounding the clitoris. A hoodplasty does not only improves appearance preventing woman from having or ending up with a penis like appearance after a labioplasty is done but also decreases bad odor in the area that can happen secondary to fluid accumulation.

-Laser Perineumplasty: Gives harmony and decreases the vagina entrance. Can increase sexual gratification in certain cases. It is important to discuss with your doctor if only a perineumplasty will improve female sexual gratification.

-Laser Hymenoplasty: Reconstructs the hymen that is usually broken with the first sexual intercourse.

-Labia Majora lipoinjection: Ideal when they are deflated and wrinkled making them look younger.  Patient’s fat is obtained, processed and re injected in the genital area.

-Labia majora labioplasty: when there is too much loose skin lipo filling can just not be enough so here is when resecting the excess skin can be useful. Also in those patients that do not like a bulky look can be a good idea to do a liposuction of the area and / or resect excess skin.

-Pubic reduction and / or pexy: Liposuction and / or resection of excess skin can be done on the pubic area when needed.

Non surgical options are:

-Non surgical laser vaginal Rejuvenation: Helps with vaginal looseness improving sexual gratification, also improves vaginal atrophy and is good for those woman that experience a dry vagina. It can also decrease symptomatic urinary stress disorder. No cutting or sutures are needed and is an office based procedure. It is important to have a consultation with your doctor to make sure you are or not a good candidate for this procedure.

-Non surgical Labia Majora Rejuvenation: When labia majora are wrinkled two things can be done:

     -Radiofrequency or Laser treatment for tightening the skin

    -Fillers, such as hyaluronic acid, can be injected on the labia majora for a younger look

     -Both radiofrequency or láser treatment + fillers can be done 

-G shot or O shot (G spot enhancer): This procedure is done by applying hyaluronic acid (G shot) or plasma (O shot) on the anterior wall of the vagina, maximizing the the sensitivity area and increasing our orgasms and sexual gratification.

-Laser Genital lighting: With time, constant rubbing of cloths against our genitalia and hormonal changes they start to get an annoying dark color, with láser we can decrease this color, lighting the area after several laser treatments.

-Vaginal plasma: With time our genital skin starts to loose collagen and this is why we can see how our labia majora skin wrinkles and looks old, also with menopause our vagina starts to feel dry, itchy and sexual intercourse can become painful, for both having a better skin texture and rejuvenated look of our genitalia and resolving an itchy and dry vagina, a vaginal plasma is a good alternative.