Dr. Lina Triana

Vaginal Rejuvenation ABC

Time makes our female body change / age and our vagina is no exception making us feel uncomfortable with its appearance during intimacy and many times, also making us loose our desire for sex. Our external genitalia can be too long secondary to genetics or hormonal changes and since planet earth gravitation force is always pulling them down they can end being too long or looking empty and wrinkled. Also our vagina with time looses its canal like shape secondary to body weight changes, too much use or since the same pelvic muscles that hold up our vagina shape, also hold our baby’s weight during pregnancy and once the bay is born they are already over stretched staying loose and making our vagina loose its tight canal shape.

A laser vaginal rejuvenation surgery is here to tighten vaginal muscle, removing excess mucosa (vaginal skin) and making it possible for the women to contract harder their vaginal muscles during sexual intercourse increasing sexual gratification to both man and woman. On the other hand a labiaplasty improves the external vaginal or genital region taking away excess skin from the labia minora and clitoris hood and giving labia major a more tight and full appearance. A labiaplastia is a very good option for those woman that pinch their labia skin with tight clothes, biking or other sports or those who suffer for bad odor secondary to excess skin on the clitoris hood.

Before having a vaginal rejuvenation surgery it is important to clear any doubts and questions regarding the procedure and also inquire if a non surgical internal vaginal rejuvenation done with a laser to tighten vaginal walls, increase sensation and regulate lubrication is good for you, also other non surgical options such as laser lightening of the genitals, improving the labia major with radiofrequency and / or hyaluronic acid to increasing sexual desire with a G shot to O shot procedure are good options for you.

Who is a good candidate for a vaginal rejuvenation procedure? We must always listen to the patient, what se wants and what she expects for the surgery. if she wants to improve her external genital area with pinching her labia minora with tight clothes or sports a labioplastia can be a good option for the patient, but if she wants to improve sexual gratification and feel her vagina is loose she is a good candidate for an internal vagina rejuvenation procedure. Depending on how much she wants and needs to improve and on how much time she has for recover yon surgical options can be also a good options for the patient.

How id recovery with this procedures? Recovery time vary according to what procedure is done being 4 to 6 weeks with surgical procedures and even no down time with some nono surgical ones. Also it is recommended to don to use tight pants for the first week and use 100% cotton underwear and keep the area as dry as you can. An no sexual intercourse for internal vaginal rejuvenation surgeries and for those outside 4 weeks, for non surgical options can be just a couple of hours.

How is sexual intercourse after the procedure? it is norma to feel a little bit anxious after a vagina rejuvenation when you restart sexual lintercourse. It is recommended you start being on top so that you can better control this first sexual intercourse after the procedure.

How do I choose the correct surgeon for my vaginal rejuvenation procedure?

It is important you check you surgeon and verify he has the knowledge, training and experience in what he says he is going to do on you. Ask all the questions you need, seek other specialists and compare.