Dr. Lina Triana

Vaginal rejuvenation: A procedure that goes far beyond the aesthetic

When talking about vaginal rejuvenation, many people tend to associate it with just closing the entrance of the vagina, making women virgins again and thus perceiving it as something banal that is only done for aesthetic reasons and to fulfill beauty stereotypes; but it is far from being something like that.

It is important to understand that when we talk about a vaginal rejuvenation procedure we do not refer to a single procedure, the truth is that we are refering to several procedures that can be performed both in the internal and external part of the vagina and are divided into two categories: done in surgery or without surgery, and that can be performed both to improve the aesthetics and functionality of the vagina.

Although some of these procedures allow to beautify the vagina, such as the vaginal laser design, where we work on the genitalia,  such as cutting the labia minora, reshaping the clitoris hood, enhancing the labia majora, lifting the area, among others; women also perform this procedure in particular, for functional reasons for example when long labia minora of the vagina cause ulcerations after excessive exercising, discomfort with underwear and even bad smell when a excessive clitoris hood is present, leaving aside the aesthetic field. These procedures really improve the quality of life for women.

The passage of time, age, menopause, childbirth among other reasons, bring changes to the vagina area like vaginal dryness, vaginal laxity and stress urine incontinence and here we can also help plus of course we can improve sexual gratification empowering woman as a whole with a laser vaginal rejuvenation surgical approach.

How to help those women who suffer from urine stress incontinence, those who when laughing, coughing, sneezing or exercising experience urine leaking, making them feel uncomfortable and insecure; others that experience a dry vagina, making it itchy and / or making sexual intercourse painful and unsatisfactory. For those woman and others that just do not want a surgery but still want to improve the above symptoms and / or want to improve their sexual gratification a laser vaginal rejuvenation non-surgical approach will help. Also those that want to enhance the G spot area or those that want to rejuvenate the labia majora can benefit of non-surgical options with hyaluronic acid, machine based technologies and/ or plasma.

So, when we talk about vaginal rejuvenation procedures we are talking much more than just working on an aesthetic or functional approach, even more than improving the patient’s quality of life, we are really empowering woman in all aspects of their lives. Go ahead and ask for your appointment if you match yourself with any of the above.  And make sure you have the procedure done with someone that really have the knowledge, training and experience on what she / he says is going to do on you, that is an expert in the area, that is willing to listen and understand what you want and need and that is able to show you all the possibilities available for enhancing the external and internal areas of the vagina and genitalia, being able to perform both surgical and non-surgical options. Having all of these available assures you that the right treatment plan will be chosen for you.