Dr. Lina Triana


Our first aging process signals are influenced by our life style and how we take off our skin and not necessary by our biological age. Always it is important to have a balanced diet and drink enough water, di not abuse the sun or medications and rest as much as you can, these will make a good complement to your skin daily care.

For those younger than twenty years old

In these years we have a natural fresh and bright skin so we tend to forget about a routine skin care being this a big mistake. During these years our skin is influenced by hormonal changes and is more prone to suffer acne, this is why it is recommended to clean it with a balance Ph and not soap agents, ideally use a syndent; also hydrating the skin is important on a day to day basis. Sometimes when we have pimples we tend to prevent hydrating our face and this in the end can make our skin loose its shine. We must never forget these years are crucial for prevention, and hydration for prevention is always a must. Facials are also good options that help us remove impurities and clogged pores helping or even preventing acne and promoting cellular regeneration for a smoother skin.

At twenty years old:

Again it is very important a good hydration and taking out any makeup, even when arriving home past 3 am. Cleaning our skin always before going to bed contributes taking out skin impurities and makeup so our skin can breath and oxygenate. It is possible to complement your skin routine with facials. Also important to start with good habits like deep hydration options and here a treatment plasma can be a good thing to start with. And of course never forget using good sun protector and since we need to use it daily, try and avoid filters that are absorbed by our skin and add toxins in our body, instead look in the sun blocks true psychical sun block k agents like titanium and zinc oxides that block the sun without being absorbed by our skin, still you need to know that true sun blocks are not very popular since they make us look white.

At thirty years old:

During these years the aging process starts to show, we start to see expression lines, wrinkles that appear and we do not like when we gesture, and dark spot can appear, specially if we had not protect ourselves from the sun and have not been doing any prevention with good skin hydration. Tobacco consumption and few sleep hours and night shifts can contribute to an early again process. Nourishing our skin is a must in these years so if you have not started earlier with plasma treatment now is the time for them. Also for those that believe botox is only for those with evident wrinkles, this is just not right. Botox treatments are very good options in delaying static wrinkles, those wrinkles that when you look yourself in the mirror without any gesticulation they still show, this is why botox is ideall when expression lines start to show.

In the forties:

After the 40’s aging signs are more notorious, our skin looses brightness, is less radiant. Our eyes start to look tired, by dark spots and / or eye bags, our nasolabial folds are more evident and even we can see loose skin in our cheeks that we do not like. A healthy skin routine with cleansers, hydrating, sun protection and plasma are essential to keep up with this aging changes. Also botox is a good option here since it delays the appearance of static wrinkles around our eyes, in the forehead and between the eye brows (the new frown) and non surgical technologies such as radiofrequency and focalized ultrasound devices or other combination technologies can help increase collagen production and skin tightening. Tired looks can be improved with hyaluronic acid on the tear tough or a blepharoplasty that can take away eye bags or a frontal endoscopy when there is a need for a higher position of our eye brows. Hyaluronic acid is also helpful in returning a youthful appearance by brining up the corners of our mouth that when they start to come done, contribute for a tired appearance.

After the fifties:

If we have not taken a good care of our skin wrinkles will be evident in our face, not only around our eyes, forehead and when frowning but also in our cheeks, nasolabial folds and extending to the corners of our mouth and into our jaw line as a marionette appearance and even in our neck. Also wrinkles around our mouth as a bar code that continue into our mouth and make lipstick move start to show. Excess skin in our lower cheeks, jowls, and in our neck appear. And since as we age we produce less collagen, and with less collagen production we have less hyaluronic acid too, and since hyaluronic acid stores water in our skin if we have less of it, we have a less hydrated skin. This is why plasma treatments here again are good options, also botox since it relaxes our expression muscles decreasing expression lines. Lasers can also be helpful here since will leave us with a smoother skin and diminish fine wrinkles. And when we have permanent, deeper wrinkles or shadows and folds that show in our face, hyaluronic can be a good option, without before mentioning non surgical technologies such as radiofrequency and focalized ultrasound devices and others that produce skin tightening. Hyaluronic acid can also, depending on how we put it, help us pull up loose skin taking way a sad appearance that appears when our cheeks and mouth come down recovering a more defined jaw line. And when there is just too much loose or excess skin in our face and / or eyelids and neck we can think in surgical options to return a more youthful appearance with a face and / or neck rejuvenation surgery, blepharoplasties and frontal endoscopies to reposition our eje browns the they have fallen.