Dr. Lina Triana

Plastic surgery abroad and post-operative care

All plastic surgeries have risks that may occur in the recovery phase, even more when the operation is to be performed in a place away from home. Although this can happen, there are many people who use their holidays to undergo changes in their body through surgical procedures, through a Plastic Surgery program abroad.

These people should be aware that they have to take care of themselves during the postoperative period and forget about actions involving any effort, such as smoking, eating heavy meals, partying, working out excessively, swimming and sunbathing, among other activities. On the contrary, special care must be taken to avoid impacts on their health and, in turn, help optimize the results of the surgery that was performed.

Complications after plastic surgery usually appear because the patient does not follow the instructions given for the recovery phase, so it is very important to abide by the following recommendations:

    1. Rule number one to ensure health and the success of plastic surgery is to always look for a plastic surgeon certified by the Society of Plastic Surgery in your country.
    2. Research on the academic and professional background of the specialist and review how qualified he (or she) is. Evaluate the experience and expertise of the surgeon of your choice with regards to the procedure you want.
    3. Ask about the supplies or devices to be used for surgery and whether these have been duly approved in your country, as they must comply with strict safety and efficiency standards. When it comes to breast implants, check what brand and what type they are.
    4. Consult your primary care physician about the surgery and the treatments you want.
    5. Ask the surgeon about the plastic surgery plan abroad, postoperative care and request assurance of the necessary medical care in case of complications after the procedure.
    6. Revision surgeries may be more complicated than the initial procedure, involving extra costs, so it is essential that before entering the operating room there is no doubt about the procedure to be performed.
    7. Ask the surgeon for precision in and compliance with follow-up visits after the performed surgery.
    8. It is to be noted that the recovery may take longer than expected, so it is wise to budget for a few more days of accommodation and travel expenses in case something happens, given that travel combined with surgery significantly increases the risk of complications.
    9. Do not drink alcoholic beverages, do not smoke and watch your diet; keep in mind that greasy or spicy food is detrimental to recovery; also, avoid other foods as specified by the physician.
    10. Wear comfortable clothes and follow the advice of your plastic surgeon, especially after liposuction.
    11. Stay out of the sun; doing so may delay the recovery phase and therefore the results. Follow the doctor’s advice thoroughly.
    12. Avoid strong movements and activities that require a lot of effort; likewise check with your doctor how convenient it is to work out during the postoperative stage.

    On a trip for plastic surgery abroad, you must be very careful because, not only the results of the surgery are at stake, but your health as well. A plastic surgery during vacation involves rest and relaxation, something you should be very much aware of when deciding on a plastic surgery plan abroad.

    Bear this in mind!