Dr. Lina Triana

Plastic Surgeries in covid times

The arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic in the world has given rise to a total change in different areas of our life that affects us and will continue to affect us for a while, transforming areas such as relationships, travel, commerce, gastronomy, and the field of plastic surgery is no exception.

The most frequent question is whether it is possible to have aesthetic procedures and plastic surgeries in times of COVID-19 and the answer is YES. In our office we have been including processes and adopting protocols that allow us to help mitigate contagion, making it a safe space for our patients and collaborators.

VIRTUAL APPOINTMENT: For the first appointment, we have adopted the Teleconsultation mode or virtual appointment, which are a very useful tool that allows us to do an initial assessment and develop an ideal treatment plan for each patient, solve all the doubts between patient and doctor (I am always present during all the virtual appointments) and listen to what the patient wants and needs for the best outcomes of the proposed plastic surgery procedure. This first virtual approach not just let you be in the comfort of your home, but is ideal to prevent you from leaving the house and minimizing virus exposure.

IN PERSON DOCTOR’S APPOINTMENT: After your virtual appointment, where the procedure was explained to you, and the surgical plan was elaborated, I will see you again but this time in person, in order to adjust some details, such as implant size, take measurements, etc, and fill out the informed consents for surgery. Of course, upon arrival at our office, you must take the necessary measures such as the use of a mask, we will take your temperature when entering the office and we will do a questionnaire of symptoms before your appointment.

BEFORE YOUR SURGERY: As a requirement before entering surgery on the subject of COVID-19 we demand the RT PCR test for Sars Covid2 (Covid19) with a negative result. In case you come from abroad and bring your negative PCR test with a period greater than 7 days, you must perform the antigen Sars Covid2 (Covid 19) test, one day before your surgery and have a negative result.

IN SURGERY: By this time your results for Sars Covid2 (Covid 19) must be negative. At the hospital level asepsis and biosafety protocols are much stricter for the staff who will be at times with you during surgery and in your recovery, working towards minimizing any type of risk for the patient.