Dr. Lina Triana


Being a mother changes our life for ever, our way of being and acting will come around taking care of the baby while there will be body changes related with the pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

When in motherhood mode, many start to put aside their life as a couple, and since we are so busy taking care of the baby and wanting to keep up with our home and work tasks we tend to put in stand by how we look and how we feel about sex, to the point that many end up resigning themselves for a an active sexual life as a couple.
As we said having a baby comes with important changes on how we experience life, on how we act and also body changes are experienced. Here we bring some options that are there to help us be and feel as we were before having our baby. 

FACE When the patient has time again to look at the mirror and discover her wrinkles that accentuate with expression, a good option will be botox. 

Plasma can also be a good option for those women that want a brighter healthier facial look , leaving them with a deep hydrated skin and when this plasma is put in the scalp it can also prevent hair loss and encourage this hair to grow better.
BREAST During pregnancy our breast enlarge and keep on getting bigger and bigger with breast feeding and then suddenly need to deflate making them fall and leaven them with an empty appearance, still some other woman can experience a breast enlargement that persists after breastfeeding. For reshaping our breast and bringing them back up again a mamopexy can be done. In some cases breast implants can also be introduced with a mamopexy for enhances the woman’s cleavage.
ABDOMEN After a pregnancy we can end up with 3 kinds of prominent tummies. One exclusively to fat deposits, and if they are small a non surgical option such a coolshaping can be a good options, or also can be treated with a liposuction. If there is fat deposits and also extra skin a J plasma device can be used in conjunction with liposuction to better tighten the skin but if there is just too much loose skin plus an abdominal muscle diastasis them you will be a good candidate for a tummy tuck.
HIPS and THIGHS liposuction is a good option to reshape excess fat deposits and if there is excess skin present a J plasma procedure is also advisable. For those with small fat deposits a coolshaping non surgical treatment can be done.
VAGINA When being pregnant the baby’s weight is begin hold by the uterus and vaginal muscles, once the baby is born the muscles stay loose leaving us with a relaxed and wider vaginal.. When there is a loose vagina we can use a non surgical laser vaginal rejuvenation procedure but if there is more looseness present a surgical laser vaginal rejuvenation procedure can be done. Also our vagina labia can increase during pregnancies and a labiaplasty, cutting the excess can be done. And also for those that end up with a hiperpigmented skin genital color there is a depigmentat laser. 
As you can see today we woman have alternatives for our sexual wellbeing, we must not just leave it in as intention, go head and come for a consultation.