Dr. Lina Triana

March, woman’s month, enhance your sexuality

Vaginal plastic surgery gives the possibility of enhancing aesthetics and function in her vagina area

We are on the XXI century and when we talk about the vagina and its surroundings we can say it is less tabu than bore. Todays women wants to look and feel good about the external and internal aspect of her vagina, that is why vaginal plastic surgery procedures are increasing every day although it is important ton mention that these procedures are not only done for an aesthetic reason they can also help with function.

The majority of women that seek for a vaginal plastic surgery procedure is due to something they do not like of their genital area, want to increase sexual gratification or diminish complaints related with certain activities. There are several options that can help empower woman with their sexuality.

1.Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation or Vaginoplasty: Rejuvenates de vagina by improving the muscle tone, the strength and control of the area, having a vaginal wall tightening effect and increasing seal gratification for her and her partner. With this procedure the patient can contract with more strength her vaginal walls during sexual intercourse.

2. Laser Vaginal Design(Labiaplasty): this procedure is ideal for woman that do not feel comfortable with their genital appearance since tis goal is to give harmony to the area. It is called vaginal design because every surgery is planned according patients requirements and needs, for example in the case of woman that have very long labia minora that cause them pinching with exercise, or simply because they are to long, other patients can feel their labia major too loose and saggy, others have excess skin surrounding their clitoris that can even have a penis like appearance and produce bad odor, also there can excess skin surroundings the vagina opening, etc. This is why it is very important your fist appointment.

3. G/Shot (increasing sexual gratification without surgery): increases sexual gratification without surgery, this procedure is done in the office and consists of the application of hyaluronic acid in the anterior vaginal wall with the purpose of increasing sexual gratification and improve orgasms.

4.Rejuvenation of labia Majora without surgery:For women that ant ton enhance their labia major without surgery. We can achieve this with radiofrequency treatments and hyaluronic acid injections. The treatment goal is to improve sagging and rejuvenation the look of the area.

5. Genital / anal whitgthennig (without surgery): with time and pregnancies our genital area changes color, this is why the laser treatment for importing the dark skin helps, but in most cases more than 2 treatments are needed.

6. laser vaginal rejuvenation (with our surgery): this procedure has no night stay, and it is is ambulatory. This procedure is not for every person since some patients just need the vaginal plastic surgery tigthtening surgical procedure hat is done i surgery

Having aesthetic vaginal procedures is a world wide trend, women are seeking how they can feel good again.This is why it is so important to understand and know what bothers my patient and how we, surgeons, are able to deliver the best surgical and non surgical approach. If you are considering a vaginal rejuvenation procedure it is very important, as with all aesthetic plastic surgery procedures to seek that the person who does the surgery is board certified and that the place where the procedure is done has all the government permissions. Dr. Lina Triana is a board certified plastic surgeon in Cali, Colombia who is a specialist in the vaginal area. Dr. Lina Triana specializes in vaginal plastic surgery procedures being a pioneer world wide