Dr. Lina Triana

Man also deserve today to be nice and fit

Traditionally the world of plastic surgeries and aesthetic procedures was more for woman but in the last years men are now also seeking them since have understood it is also important for them their general appearance. Keeping today’s trend of being slim and fit and with no time to workout has made that men also ask for plastic surgeries and aesthetic procedures. Males between 35 to 55 year as old today are also looking for alternatives that make them feel young and refreshed.

ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) statistics show that in 2016, 1.036.324 aesthetic plastic surgeries where done in men, 9.3% of the total amount of procedures done worldwide. As Dr. Lina Triana, plastic surgeon, states: “We can see it is a clear trend, men seeking aesthetic surgical and non surgical procedures, they also deserved to be and feel nice and fit”.

The most common procedures done in men are:

Liposuction: Having a flat and defined abdomen and why not, abs, is something many men dream of. In today’s world we all are lacking of time and to be able to build up the body you wish we need hours and hours of training and healthy diet, this is why many men decide to go for a liposuction procedure that will help them get to their ideal body in a much faster way. Liposuction with body definition surgery is the top surgery for men seeking plastic surgery procedures.

Gynecomastia surgery or breast reduction in men: This surgery helps correct excess amount of fat and mamary gland in men due to overweight, age, hormone replacement therapy and anabolic steroids intake commonly used in gyms. Happy patients after this surgery have made more and more men ask for a gynecomastia surgery.

Blepharoplasty and /or facelift: this surgery helps refresh mens’ facial expression, take excess bags and skin around the eyes and can also improve skin excess in face and neck. With time and the force of gravity everything starts to come down and our face is no exception.

Rhinoplasty and mentoplasty: these two surgeries can be done in one procedure or as individual surgical procedures. A rhinoplasty helps not only to improve nasal proportions but can also help with breathing and a mentoplasty, on those sho need it, will improve facial symmetry.

Another popular procedure among men is the hair transplant surgery, for those men that want more hair density in areas where they have started to suffer form hair loss.

Dr. Lina Triana, plastic surgeon from Cali, Colombia, has an important profesional background and experience in surgical and non surgical procedures thought just for men; that is why many of them trust her for helping them achieve the facial and body improvements they so much want.

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