Dr. Lina Triana

Live a full sexuality

Today, sexuality is not conceived as a bodily function just to procreate, it is a physical, biological, mental and spiritual expression; it is an expression of the being as a whole, it is an experience where we transcend our own selves to find the other.

Sexuality allows us to experience our own pleasure and the satisfaction of watching our partner’s satisfaction; it is a glorious encounter where we make ourselves whole and run into ourselves and into our partner as well.

For me as a physician, constantly in touch with the sex stories and experiences of the patients, it is no secret that to be able to have a fully fulfilling sex life the most important thing of all is self-confidence; the more uninhibited, the better the sexual intercourse, yet we will be unable to act during a close encounter if we feel uncomfortable with any part of our body. This is why when we say medicine is wise, we mean it understands persons and their needs. Hence, we now have two surgical procedures and one non-surgical specialized procedure designed to improve sexuality as a couple.

Pregnancy and the test of time are factors that make the vaginal walls widen, thus reducing the friction and producing less pleasure during intercourse. For this situation, VAGINAL REJUVENATION was created as a surgical method to make the vaginal muscles smaller, thus achieving a smaller diameter to provide both men and women greater sexual pleasure and enjoyment.

The external appearance is so important that even our vagina must look good. DESIGNER LASER VAGINOPLASTY is the surgical procedure used to achieve an improved external vaginal aspect in several ways: reducing the labia majora or minora, removing excess skin from the clitoral hood, reducing the pubis (mons veneris), augmenting the labia majora or performing a perineoplasty.

Most of the vagina’s sensitivity receptors are located at the anterior wall, so many of the spots that arouse women are located in this zone, making it the ideal place for the G-SHOT, a procedure through which female sexual pleasure is increased without the need for a surgery.