Dr. Lina Triana


In Latin women body curves are natural and this is why they are constantly seeking how to enhance their hips and buttocks. Gluteal lipo injections or Brazilian Butt Lifts are surgical techniques done for more than 20 years to enhance, project and give more volume to the buttocks. Today they represents the fourth most common procedure done in Colombia and are number ten on the global statistics of most commonly performed aesthetics surgeries world wide..

To perform any lipo injection, first fat deposits from the same individual are extracted with liposuction and second the obtained fat is re injected to reshape other body areas. This technique offers great advantages when compared with others since there are no rejection rates because the fat used is from the same patient. 

Lipo injections are most commonly done on the gluteal area but they can also be done in the face, lips, cheeks, chin, breasts and hips, Dr. Lina Triana is pioneer in vaginal rejuvenation procedures such as labia major fat lipo injections. 


Does the result lasts?

The fat injected in our body can be reabsorbed, how much fat stays varies form patient to patient and also depends on what body part we are placing it. Studies show, for example, that in the buttocks 30% of the fat injected can be reabsorbed, but still the other 70% will give us the desired shape. 

Can a lipo injection be done in a doctor’s office, outside and OR? 

For a lipo injection procedure it is mandatory according to the Colombian regulating system that it is performed in the OR.

What is the expected recovery period?

Since we are performing a liposuction to extract the fat, recovery depends on how much fat will be extracted and how the patients feels after the procedure. Recommendations for the patient are that he/ she can do what ever they feel up to doing, there is no fixed mandatory recovery period for this procedure.

If I do not have enough fat to end up with a nice shape can I combine other substances, fillers, with the fat lipo injection? 

We must only inject in our bodies substances that our own body can reabsorb, injection foreign body substances, also called biopolymers, can give us undeserved she effects that usually appear years after the injection and can end with death. Only inject in your body your own fat or if there are small areas such as the face or genitalia that you want to reshape, never a buttock or breast, you can use hyaluronic acid from a well known and scientifically proved source. If you want to enhance your buttocks or breasts and you are very slim the best option will always be implants.