Dr. Lina Triana

It is always important to have a professional at the service of your health

Procedures such as Botox and dermal fillers are procedures which cause fear in many people, but such fear is due to the unawareness there is about the subject as they are two safe procedures that when performed by expert hands, will have satisfactory results in terms of facial rejuvenation without surgery.

The procedure that manages to attack expression lines formed by daily gestures that cause wrinkles to appear as a sign of the passage of time and old age is Botox which manages to attenuate dynamic wrinkles by relaxing the muscle. This procedure generates doubts in terms of application, as many people have seen disfigurement on the faces of other people to whom, supposedly, Botox has been applied. But, the truth is that to obtain results without disfigurements, the experience and knowledge of Dr. Lina Triana are necessary in orderto know where the exact points in which to apply the toxin are.

Regarding dermal fillers, the procedure that redefines the contours and gives volume where hydration of the skin has been lost because of the passage of time and of the aging process, there are also many doubts since often inexperienced people claim to apply hyaluronic acid when in fact they are applying biopolymers.

A biopolymer is any substance that is not capable of being reabsorbed by the body and which generates allergic reactions. This is why it is so important to have a professional who uses products endorsed by the competent authorities so that they do not cause disasters in patients.

+ Remember that a product which reabsorbs itself over time is safer than that which you are told will last a lifetime, as the product that “is going to last you a lifetime” is probably a biopolymer.