Dr. Lina Triana

How is breast lift surgery (Mamopexy) performed?

It is an outpatient surgery that is normally performed under general anesthesia, it lasts around 90 to 120 minutes, it consists of lifting and reshaping the breast. The incision will depend on your need and what was previously defined with your doctor, which can be around the areola and/or also in the submammary fold or in an inverted T. In some patients it will be advisable to leave a drain which will be removed according to the evolution of the patient.

How is the recovery after a mammopexy?

After the procedure your breasts will be covered with a transparent film and sometimes with gauze, also with a post-operative bra which you must wear day and night for approximately 3 months and until the healing process is complete. I recommend my patients not to do any kind of physical exertion for about two months. In those patients who have decided to lift their breasts with a prosthesis, it is ideal to perform ultrasounds, which will help reduce inflammation.

Whenever you decide to have breast lift surgery, either with or without an implant, go to a doctor who has the knowledge, training and experience in this type of procedure.