Dr. Lina Triana

Gazes that express what we have inside

Time does not pass in vain and gravity makes everything tend to pull down, facial skin being no exception. Having our face look as youthful as possible is something we all aspire and it can be achieved with a fresh-looking gaze, as it is synonymous with health and beauty.

Gazes can be sensual, cold, dull, happy, flirty, or of many other ways, but in the end, gazes are what reflect who we are and how we are; and since the eyes are not only for looking but also for expressing, there are times when we can help ourselves with procedures to regain a youthful gaze that reflects what we are feeling inside.

Tea bags and very cold potato and cucumber slices help relax the eyes and reduce the appearance of tired eyes. Egg whites applied with a brush around the eyes reduce puffiness. Cotton balls soaked in iced milk retain moisture around the eyes and refresh the gaze, but when we want a definitive alternative to reduce the passing of time through our face, we can choose from the following procedures:

+ Brow lift: A surgical procedure that is performed when the upper portion of the face and the tip of the eyebrows have drooped over time. This procedure restores the natural and youthful position of the eyebrows and the redundant skin of the upper eyelid.

+ Blepharoplasty: Surgery that removes the excess skin of the upper eyelid and the fat bags of the lower eyelid. This procedure, in addition to providing a more youthful appearance to the face and gaze, is ideal for people who have difficulty seeing or opening their eyes due to the excess skin of the eyelids.

+ Botox: A nonsurgical procedure that relaxes the muscle attenuating expression lines on the forehead and crow’s feet.

+ Dermal Fillers: The improvement of dark circles is now possible thanks to a new technique in application of hyaluronic acid that diminishes the color of the dark circles caused by the swelling of blood vessels found in this area (the lower eyelid is an area of great vascularity).

+Lipoinjection: A non-surgical procedure where fat is taken from some part of the body in order to fill gaps that have appeared as a result of the aging process.