Dr. Lina Triana

Frequently asked questions concerning hair transplant surgery

One way to regain hair quickly is through Micrografting or Hair Transplant, a process that restores hair growth in unpopulated areas suffering from Alopecia. Although each year increases the number of men who undertake this surgery to improve their appearance by regaining their hair, there are still many doubts regarding this procedure, which is why I want to share with you the most frequently asked questions regarding Micrografting or hair transplant:

* How is hair transplantation performed?
This procedure is done by taking an area of the scalp (donor area) and then sowing in hair on the unpopulated area, using a technique called Follicular Unit Micrografting.

* How long before any results may be seen?
The first results are seen four months later when the implanted hair stars to grow, but in order to see long hair it is necessary to wait a year or longer.

* Will the transplanted hair look synthetic?
The transplanted hair comes from the patient’s own natural hair, thus it will have the same appearance as the hair found on his head.

* Will the transplanted hair fall again?
No, the hair transplanted to unpopulated areas due to alopecia will not fall again; however, hair may fall out in areas where NO transplant was performed.

* Will the scar be visible?
Thanks to the technique used by Dr. Lina Triana for Hair Transplant, the scar becomes a thin line on the back of the head, which is covered with hair.

* How long will transplanted hair grow?
The hair will undergo its natural growth process throughout life.

* Is there only one donor area or are there other parts of the body where hair can be extracted for implantation?
The only donor area is the back of the head, as here is where the strongest hair in the body may be found. This hair does not suffer from as much exposure to the sun and pollution as the top of the head, which why it is the ideal area for donation.

* Does transplantation can only be performed on the head?
No, hair transplantation can also be performed on eyebrows, beard and chest.

* Is there a procedure for hair to grow stronger?
Platelet-rich Plasma is a procedure that strengthens the hair shaft for it to grow faster with greater density.