Dr. Lina Triana

Everything you need to know about a breast implant removal surgery

More and more women come to the office who want or need to remove their breast implants for various reasons, whether they do not want to continue changing them every several years, large breasts are no longer their priority, or they simply do not want to continue with them more.

One of the points that most worries patients is how the breast and the scar will look after the implant is removed, but this depends on some factors such as how much breast tissue is present, how long has the patient had breast implants and their size. In some cases, on the same initial scar that was made at the time of the augmentation, the removal can be carried out and it could even have its original appearance, in other cases, which is the most frequent, it will be necessary to do a reconstruction that allow us return to natural breasts but with less volume.

Many times, I hear of patients who have seen another surgeon and are advised not to remove the implants but to reduce their size, arguing that the definitive removal of a breast implant can compromise the final result of the surgery.

While it is true that removing breast implants can be a more challenging surgery for the surgeon, in my case I really enjoy this procedure. The truth is that only after opening the breast and removing the breast implant, the surrounding scar tissue and the capsule, it is simply not known what and how much tissue will be used to perform the reconstruction of the breast.

When a breast implant removal procedure is performed, as a surgeon, you always enter the surgery with a feeling of surprise, what am I going to encounter, and once the implant is removed, our artistic sense as plastic surgeons begins to flourish.

Making the decision as a patient can be quite difficult as I do not like to promise my patient a perfect result, but to tell younthe truth the breasts always have enough muscle, fat and breast tissue to do the reconstruction and end up with a proportionate smaller breast.

Regarding your recovery, you may leave surgery with a drain that will allow you to eliminate fluids that may be generated after the process, this will be removed after a few days, it will be necessary to use a post-surgical bra for at least a month after your surgery or one your doctor recommends. Follow each of the doctor’s recommendations, such as taking some medications and attending ultrasound sessions that will be of great help to reduce inflammation and future capsular contractions. If you are contemplating the idea of ​​performing this procedure, either a change or removal of breast implants, I invite you to schedule your appointment, and allow me to guide you through this entire process.