Dr. Lina Triana

Celebrate the holiday season without loosing your figure

December is time where tend to eat more, more celebrations, gatherings and festivities come together with delicious food making our end of year less healthy.
Excess food can make us gain weight, get cellulite and increase unwanted fat deposits, this is why we bring to you alternatives to regain your desired figure.
Serum Therapy (Detox): This is a great alternative to detoxify your body of the holiday excesses, it consists of the application of bio regulating substances that through serums will help you eliminate body toxins and make our body work more efficiently.
Coolshaping: A very good option for those with fat deposits. These can be reduced by killing the fat cells through cryolipolysis, freezing them, and eliminating them afterwards through our body metabolic systems. It is a non invasive alternative without injections, tight garments or recovery time.
Molding treatments: These can help us mold and get a more defined body and control cellulite. When we gain weight unwanted fat deposits and cellulite appears and skin looses elasticity, these treatment is constructed according to each individual patient and includes different technologies such us cavitation, drainage massages, radiofrequency, thermo and carboxi therapies.
It is important to always work towards a healthy life style to keep results, so work on lowering your stress, eat healthy, eat smaller portions and excersise regularly.