Dr. Lina Triana

5 Habits for a healhty lifestyle

Today there are many people living a healthy life thanks to healthy habits, but living surrounded by junk food, in constant stress and feeling there is just not enough time makes it difficult to achieve our goals of being healthy.

Changing our chip and living under a true healthy life style help us keep our ideal weight and how we truly see ourselves. Also adopting healthy habits contribute improve any health problems.

Some of these healthy habits we can follow are:

1. Healthy nutrition: We can include several foods but it is key that to measure quantity, how much is my intake, and also important to keep a balance between proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins so that our body have enough nutrients for functioning correctly.

2. Regular exercise: sedentary life style increases risk of being obese or overweight. This is why it is recommended to walk minimum 3 times a week or practice any sport to help you strengthen muscle and bones.

3. Walk away form toxic habits: Tobacco and alcohol have a negative impact in our body, increasing healthy problems. Treatments such a detox therapy can help you liberate your body from toxic agents that affect your health.

4. Mental health: this is not only for those with mental illnesses, this is for every one, since we need a balance between mental, physical and emotional health. Stress deteriorates our mental health this is why sports or even having a relaxing massage help your body equilibrium liberating daily tensions.

5. Rest: Sleeping is a way how our body recovers its energy. Ideally we must sleep 7 hours a day so that we can function correctly next day. Insomnia is one of the most common causes of acquiring healthy problems such us mental, metabolic and other illnesses