Dr. Lina Triana

3 Tips to maintain the results after a liposculpture

Liposculpture has become one of the most performed plastic surgery procedures in the world and the most effective for shaping the body and removing fat deposits in different areas such as the abdomen, back, hips, thighs, arms, among others. The results are optimal and vary from patient to patient, however it is important to take into account some tips that will allow you to maintain the results over time.

  1. BALANCED NUTRITION: This is a key tip since this will determine if the results last over time. Although liposculpture eliminates excess localized fat, it does not mean that these fat deposits will not reappear if a healthy diet is not included, consuming more vegetables, fruits, nuts, preferably white meats and fish. As for cooking, avoid fried foods, choose steamed, grilled or baked foods, they will be your allies to avoid the accumulation of calories, and start water intake throughout the day to make it a natural habit.
  2. PERFORM PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Physical exercise is important in the recovery process, however in the first weeks it is not possible to do high-impact exercise, short walks are recommended, but after 2 months or when you feel fit and your doctor approves it, the ideal is that you adopt exercise in your routine or the sport of your choice, this will allow you to maintain and tone your body, preventing fat from accumulating again over time in the already treated areas.
  3. COMPLEMENT AND REINFORCE WITH NON-SURGICAL TREATMENTS: Drainage massages, technology such as cavitation and carboxytherapy allow toning and help with cellulite management. A treatment plan must be made according to your needs and at a certain time after your surgery, serving as a complement and helping to prevent fat deposits from accumulating again.

When performing surgery such as liposculpture, you must keep in mind that the results are not permanent and that over time will depend on your commitment to start changes in your daily routine.