Dr. Lina Triana

2019 – 7 tips to live this year in a different way

Wellness is a term widely used today, is something we all wish to have; consists of making things that make us feel and be good and we can have it in many different aspects of our lives: Social wellbeing, physical wellbeing, psychological wellbeing, wellness at work. But how to find and equilibrium between all of these?

The internet and the news are full of advertisements inviting us to go to luxury spas, buy expensive vitamin suplentes, miracle therapies and dreamed vacations, but, to find your wellness it is not necessary to spend lots of money. This is why, here I propose some simple tips that you can adapt in your day to day life and will help you feel more peaceful, healthier and happy.

1. Sleep adequately:

We have too many requirements to fulfill each day, our free time reduces and to make everything fit into our agenda we start to loose our own time to rest, forgetting this rest is essential not only for our physical but also for our mental health. Sleep deprivation contribute for a week imunological system, higher levels of cortisol (stress hormone), anxiety and depression. So try to sleep better, prevent heavy dinners, do not have caffeine in the evenings and disconnect from all activities before going to sleep.

2. Start to practice meditation and relaxation techniques:

These are perfect to truly disconnect from your surroundings, calm your mind and enter in a peaceful state of consciousness. These techniques include controlling breathing, adequate postures to decontract our bodies and clear our mind; also you could add aromatherapy, with essential oils that help you with a harmonious end of day.

3. Improve your eating:

There is a tight relationship between what we eat and a physical and emotional discomfort. Eating means nourish our body from all of what it needs for a correct functioning. Today many of us do not eat correctly because we are constantly running in our lives so we end up eating unhealthy food that quickly end our hunger. Include in your diet natural foods, prevent fats and fried food, prevent excess salt and sugar, alcohol, sodas and canned foods. Add to your list vegetables and food rich in antioxidants.

4. Exercise:

Exercising is not only for having a nice body, also improves our mental health, decreases colesterol and stress, oxygenates our tissue, eliminates toxins and prevent us from ending with overweight, produce endorphins, (important to alleviate pain and activate pleasure centers in our brain). You can practice a sport such as riding a bike, futbol, jogging or dancing.

5. Cultivate your inside:
Accepting and loving us just like we are contributes to our wellbeing. Our confidence is reflected when we try to connect with others. This is why you must have your own space to read a book, go the museum, go to a lecture of something you are passionate about, share some quality time with others, things to be down daily.

6. Strengthen your relationships with your love ones:

This technological age help us shorten distances between us and our far away love ones, but has also turned us apart from those we have close by since we are constantly on our phones. Disconnect and give some quality time to your love ones, go out as a family, enjoy an evening with friends, a laugher, a hug. This help us truly connect and also improve our emotional and mental wellbeing.

7. Free your emotions:

Be free to express yourself, feel, go out and show what you are feeling, what you like and what you not. Take the risk to live and stop thinking on what others may say, give yourself the chance to be in love with yourself, love yourself. Before seeking for others acceptance look at yourself in the mirror and love what your see.

I invite you to adopt these tips in your day to day life and seek for your holistic wellbeing. With these tips and my social marketing campaign “Enhance Your Natural Beauty” I invite you to register free of charge to our RumbaFit, History Lectures and Relaxation activities that take place in our office every week. If you want to receive more information about these or register call us at +573145902642 – +5735146434 – +5725560576.