Dr. Lina Triana


Enhancing your vagina in and out, not only making it look better but improving your sexual gratification, are some of the possibilities available with non surgical vaginal rejuvenation options. There is no need for you to have any down time, anesthesia or pain as that you have to go through with more invasive vaginal procedures. 

Here some non surgical options to optimize your vagina I want to share with you today:

1.Non surgical Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation: Simple, no need for anesthesia, no need to stop the gym. With an intravaginal device, like when you have an intravaginal sonogram, the Láser is applied. A non surgical láser rejuvenation is a good option for those that simply want to refresh their sexual life, also if you want to feel more during sexual intercourse, you have problems with lubrication and/or an atrophic vagina and even for those that experience dripping with exercising and coughing, known as stress incontinence.  

  1. G shot: Good option for those that want to feel more during sexual inter course. Easy to do procedure, hyaluronic acid is applied in the vaginal anterior wall where the G spot is, an intravaginal area where more sensitivity receptors are present. 
  2. O shot: Can serve us for the same purpose as the G shot but this time the same patient’s plasma is applied instead of hyaluronic acid on the vaginal anterior wall.
  3. Vaginal Plasma: Vaginal Plasma can also be very helpful and a good treatment option for those woman that suffer of a dry vagina or those that have vulvovaginits syndrome or have a pale and atrophic vagina.

Non surgical Labia Majora rejuvenation options: Labia Majora as we age can end up deflated,  wrinkles and with loose skin. We can help when look younger again by

  1. Using a radiofrequency device for tightening the Labia Majora skin. 
  2. When there is a loss volumen or wrinkles hyaluronic acid can be applied in the area to restore volume and make them look younger..
  3. With time our facial skin wrinkles and looks old, dehydrated and our Labia Majora skin is not different. Plasma in the Labia Majora will give a deep hydration to the area and increase collagen formation for a younger skin appearance.
  4. Laser genital and/or anal lightening: The laser is applied on the desired area to progressively reduce the undesired dark color in our genital and/or anal area.
  5. Depigmentation vaginal cream: Another option to help lighten your genital area.
  6. And last but not least as we take care of our facial skin we also need to take good care of our vagina, this is why I have a intimate line of products developed exclusively for taking special care of your genital/vaginal area.