Dr. Lina Triana

Making the decision to travel overseas for a cosmetic procedure is not easy, but there are plenty good reasons for you to choose Dr. Lina Triana and her team, who will make you feel at home.

Dr. Lina Triana, is a plastic surgeon, dedicated to aesthetic plastic surgery with outstanding worldwide recognition; when considering Colombian plastic surgeons, no other resume compares to Dr. Triana’s. A plastic surgery leader, and former President of the Colombian Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Society – SCCP (by its acronym in Spanish) – and Vice-president of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery – ISAPS.  Her service vocation shows when sharing her knowledge and innovations in aesthetic plastic surgery with professional colleagues, authoring important scientific journals, book chapters, and plastic surgery books, when giving lectures as guess professor in more than 50 countries around the world, all as part of her impressive resume.

But her service vocation doesn’t stop there, it is also evident in the care provided to her patients, when her number one priority is to listen and understand them, in order to put together the best surgical plan that will individually fit each of them.

We invite you to take a look at our procedures section to learn about our service portfolio.

So if you want to find harmony for a certain part of your body you are not quite happy with yet, Dr. Lina Triana is your choice:


Send us your contact information filling out the form you’ll find here in our website. You can also contact us live by Chat, Skype, our social media o by phone.


Once you’ve submitted your application, our patient service coordinators will contact you shortly to address any doubts; you will also receive an email with others forms asking for personal information, medical records, and parameter regarding picture taking when an image of the area of concern is necessary (except for vaginal rejuvenation procedures).


Once we receive all data required, your case is evaluated; then a patient service coordinator will reach you about it, to give you the approximate budget and details to carry on with your process. It is important to note that the quote given to you is an estimate subject to change after the actual assessment in Cali- Colombia, when Dr. Triana will listen to your doubts and concerns. It is only then that a final surgery plan can be put together, according to the time you’ve spared to stay in town.


To track your process down before and after the procedure a patient service coordinator will stay in touch with you either by mail or phone.

Schedule a live video appointment with Dr. Lina Triana. You can pay for a 30-minute on line appointment with Dr. Lina Triana to have your concerns responded to, and a personal, private and direct contact with her.

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We offer you a range of options going from 5 stars to boutique hotels. Ask our patient service coordinator, she can tell you more about it. Also you can have a 24 hours in house nurse during your stay at your convenience, we want you to have the best experience.

For further information, contact our Patient Service Director:

Jorge Enrique Barbosa
International case manager
Phone Line 305 4545638 - +57 3207434851

Cali is blessed with a perfect tropical weather all year round, windy afternoons and nights, thanks to its privileged geographic location in the middle of a Valley.

It hosts many important national and foreign companies; it is a big player in the sugar cane Industry, and a great commercial bridge with the rest of the world given its location near the International Trading port of Buenaventura. 

Cali, the world capital of salsa, a city with joyful people, open to travelers from all over the globe, offering a great cultural scenario of theaters, museums, a fresh walk upon the central boulevard, a vibrant night life full of delightful choices for local and international gastronomy, dancing clubs with all kinds of great music with Latin rhythms and of course salsa dancing.

Cali has and historical value and great spaces for culture, recreation and recognized for its nightlife.

Visit the city’s iconic: Plaza de Caicedo –the down town Square-, La Merced Church and Museum, The Ortiz bridge, Sebastian de Belalcazar Statue, Cristo Rey Shrine, Loma de La Cruz, and so many others.

Home for a variety of ecosystems and rich nature full of beautiful surprises, along its unique location north of South America, where you can enjoy two different oceans: The beautiful Caribbean north of the country, with white sand beaches and seven color waters –a dream come true for snorkeling-, and the exotic Pacific west of the country, hosting the romantic visit of big whales for two months a year, and a great scenario for adventurous scuba diving, a land surrounded by great tropical forests. Colombia is also blessed with spectacular mountain ranges and sleeping volcanoes with snowy summits, rich water springs and lively rivers, exotic flora and fauna, and the biggest bird and butterfly species in the world, perfect for nature sightseeing.  The Country’s own desert up north, the river of seven colors –an unforgettable experience-, salt mines with incredible structures such as the Salt Cathedral in the middle of the country; on the east side there’s the extraordinary Savannah and its amazing scenery, and down south, a country still honored with the presence of many native nations, and the formidable Amazon jungle… just to mention some!

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We are located in Cali - Colombia, South America.

Our facilities offer you with calm, safety and privacy.

With the constant drive to offer the best, and under Dr. Lina Triana’s experience and close contact with our patients, she felt it was not enough to just perform surgeries, she needed to go the extra mile to provide complete wellbeing; hence a great portfolio with minimally invasive, non- surgical procedures, and skin care products to give patients a comprehensive care.  With all that in mind, we couldn’t stay inside a surgical center any longer, so the organization is now located in a private facility that encompasses Dr. Triana’s vision of wellness.  The actual surgical facility is just across street: Corpus and Rostrum Surgery Center, to which Dr. Lina Triana is a partner, and where she performs her surgical procedures.

Our facilities are dully licensed by the National Health Department. 

The hospital facility where surgical interventions are performed is Icontec ISO 9001 certified.