Dr. Lina Triana


It is no secret that our normal life as human beings have changed drastically secondary to COVDI-19. This emergency state declares in Colombia and many other countries and the social distancing that comes with it, that now will become intelligent distancing has brought us man y life changes bringing us into a “new normal”.

Our trips to the shopping mall, concerts, sports games, restaurant dinners and even our day to day working habits will be changed with new protocols and norms with the intention of limiting the virus propagation.

This is why it is important to follow these recommendations done by our health ministry so that we each day start to interiorize them making them part of our lives, being responsible and taking care of our health.

–       Wash your hands ideally every hour. Use soap and water and only if you cannot, use alcohol gel.

–       Keep a safety distance, minimum two or more meters, from any person that coughs o sneezes.

–       When you sneeze of cough. Cover your mouth and nose with a disposable tissue or if you cannot do so, with our flexed elbow.

–       Stay home if you are not feeling well.

–       Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth.

–       Do not touch your masks, they can get contaminated.   

–       If you have a fever, cough or difficulty breathing, search for a doctor.

–       Prevent unnecessary visits to the hospital, let the health centers work efficiently, protecting others and yourself.

 –      Do not doubt in going to the doctor is you are not feeling well. Postponing a doctor’s visit can end up in a higher complication rate due to late diagnosis.

–       Prevent people gatherings, and keep a minimum of two meters distance with other people.

–       For your working zone, remember to disinfect if every time you start your work and also every time you stand up of your working place and come back.

–       Do not share foods, pens or any objects, the less you share the less contact you will have and the less probability of the catching the virus.

–       Once you get back home, take all your clothes, put them in hot water and was them, take your shoes off and clean the shoe soles and take a shower to eliminate any viruses.


If we all are conscious that now we need to be more responsible of our health. And live in this new normal, make if part of our day to day life, we will eliminate virus propagation. And remember if I protect myself I am protecting others.