Dr. Lina Triana

Changes that happen in pre and post menopause

Although the human body changes with age, the changes in women during pre and post menopause are significant. In this video, Dr. Lina Triana invites us to explore these changes that make a significant difference in women’s lives as they go through pre and post menopause. What happens in the female body during this transition and how to address these changes?


The impact of menopause extends beyond the hormonal fluctuations it entails. These changes directly affect sensitive areas such as the vagina. The decrease in hormone levels, specifically estrogen and progesterone, plays a crucial role in vaginal health. Changes that happen in pre and post menopause.

Changes in a woman’s vaginal area

The vaginal mucosa, which should be firm, resilient, and healthy, begins to thin and weaken over time, resulting in irritations, discomfort, and even pain during intimate relations.

The skin of the vagina, which in youth appears vibrant and pink, transforms into pale and delicate skin as hormonal changes progress. The discomfort and resulting distress from these changes can directly impact women’s intimate lives and self-esteem, creating an emotional and physical challenge that deserves attention.

The impact of menopause on the external appearance of the genital area is also a significant aspect to consider. The labia majora tend to deflate, wrinkle, and lose firmness over time, which can cause discomfort and unease.

However, there are procedures, as discussed in this video, that can help rejuvenate and improve the appearance of this delicate area.

Changes that happen in pre and post menopause: Changes in women: it’s not just physical

It’s crucial to understand that the changes women experience during menopause not only have physical repercussions but also emotional and psychological ones. The discomfort, insecurity, and loss of self-esteem that may arise as a result of these changes deserve to be addressed with empathy and effective solutions.

In this regard, Dr. Lina Triana provides a deep look into potential solutions and treatments that can help mitigate the effects of menopause on women’s intimate health in this video. She presents options for safely and effectively caring for and rejuvenating the genital area.

In summary, the changes women go through during pre and post menopause are a natural part of their evolution and should be approached with respect and understanding.

Exploring these transformations with a focus on care, prevention, and effective solutions can make a difference in women’s well-being during this stage of life.

Discover more about this topic in Dr. Lina Triana’s video, where she speaks candidly and expands your knowledge, helping you find possible solutions to live this stage fully and healthily.