Dr. Lina Triana

At Dr. Lina Triana’s organization we offer a large plastic aesthetic surgical and non-surgical service portfolio to help enhance your natural beauty.

We have the best medical technology and highly qualified professional team, always committed to provide patients with the best care.

Face surgeries are procedures that improve the appearance of the face and neck, either for cosmetic or reconstructive reasons. Such procedures help to give harmony to the face in some areas that do not have the proper ratio and also provide a youthful and fresh appearance by reducing wrinkles and loss of muscle mass.
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Body contouring surgeries are cosmetic and reconstructive procedures that allows the body to have shape giving harmony to the parts that need it.
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Vaginal surgeries increasingly gain more popularity, however, it is not an easy subject to talk compare to other cosmetic surgeries, but these procedures are equally rewarding for patients.
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Hair loss, especially in women, is one of the biggest concerns as we get older.

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This type of procedures give harmony to your face in some areas that do not have the right proportion, thus providing a more youthful and fresh, by reducing wrinkles and muscle loss.
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Body contouring surgeries are aesthetic and reconstructive procedures that allow you to mold your body giving harmony to those parts that need it.
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Hair loss especially in men, is one of the biggest concerns as we get older

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We have a wide range of products for your skin care.

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Wellness is an active process, it is about choosing activities that promote inner peace and a healthy lifestyle. Wellness is more than just be free of illness, it is a dynamic changing process towards achieving personal growth.

Dr. Lina Triana Organization is here to help you achieve an equilibrium between body and mind; this is why we invite you to participate in this project where we will work on 5 wellness dimensions: spiritual, physical, social, intelectual and emotional.

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it is a dynamic process of personal change and growth

Plastic surgery in Colombia is an ongoing conversation topic.  The media knows Dr. Triana as an expert in plastic, aesthetic, and reconstructive surgery.

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Plastic surgery in Colombia is always a conversation topic; Dr. Lina Triana is frequently reached by the media because of her vision, experience and reputation in plastic surgery.

On this page you’ll find her appearances in newspapers, radio, television, and others.

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